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Getting Started

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

We’ve made a quick and convenient guide to help you get started with Askaloo.

After you have Download the Askaloo APP on your iOS or Android device, please follow the steps below:

1. Creating your profile

Remember that you are inviting someone to either join you or asking to join somebody else for the very first time, so in order to get the most out of Askaloo, we do recommend using a little extra time on building a trustful profile.

Tips below: *Your profile picture should definitely be a picture of your face (Smile and be happy✌️) *Put more than only one photo on the profile (Show some pictures of your interest so people get to know you a bit before meeting up 🏊 ) *Write a short description about yourself (work, interest, where you come from etc.)

*Add languages you speak (In some countries, language can be a barrier for some; an opportunity for others! 😎) After you have setup your profile, you can preview how it will show for other people below "Account -> My Profile".

2. The Event Feed

The Askaloo icon represents the Event Feed. This is where you can find all the hangouts and activities, and it is also where you can create such events yourself.

*In the top right corner, you have the possibility to filter by distance or by the interests. *You can also sort by date. *If you click the "i" icon on a hangout, you will be able to see attendees as well as their profiles before you decide to join.

3. Creating your first Hangout

1. Click the "+" button to create your first Hangout

2. Write a short description and attach related interest to the hangout. 3. Click "Create Hangout" and the hangout will show up in your feed as well.

4. After you have created your first hangout, some people might find it interesting. You will receive both a notification in your app and in the Messages tab when somebody wants to join. 5. All participants in the hangout can simply invite their friends to join as well.

At the end of the day, you might end up being a group of people enjoying a couple of beers together in the sunset! 🍺🌅

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